Corporate Fitness

“Bottom Line”…Corporate Health and Wellness is a “Win-Win” for both the Employee and the Employer!

The fitness professionals at All Fitness will customize a workplace wellness program for your corporation that fits the needs of your entire team.  The All Fitness staff, along with the corporate decision makers, will design a program that fits your needs to be delivered on-site at your organization.  This program can be as simple as individual personal training or as complex as an on-site Wellness program design, implementation, and management.

The Corporate Fitness program developed by All Fitness will reduce health care cost; improve employee productivity and aide in the growing epidemic of obesity, stress and other preventable health issues amongst the workplace.

Program Benefits

The Employer Benefits

  • Decreased Health Care Cost
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Reduce Employee Absentee Accumulation
  • Improve the Employee Turnover Ratio
  • Reduce Disability Time
  • Positive Return on Investment
  • Increase the Company Morale
  • Reduce the Mental Errors
  • Ad to Feature and Benefits of the Company

The Employee Benefits

  • Improvement in Overall Health and Wellness
  • Reduction in the Risk Factors that lead to Cardiovascular Disease
  • Increase in Quality Sleep and Daily Regeneration
  • Decreased Injury Rate
  • Improvement in Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Time Management Skill Development
  • Reduce the Mid-day Fatigue
  • Improvement in Productivity
  • Increase in Job Satisfaction
  • Improvement in Self-Confidence and Self-Worth 
  • Decrease in the Risk Factors that lead to Depression

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