Brittney Zimmerman, Basketball Player Delaware Valley College

Brittney Zimmerman, Basketball Player Delaware Valley College

Brittney Zimmerman

“As a former basketball player at Delaware Valley College, I was given the gratifying opportunity to have the highly qualified and extremely challenging Strength and Conditioning Coach, James Smith. Being a basketball player at the college level, one must improve their speed, agility, quickness, strength, and overall power to be successful. My freshman year was the first year having Coach Smith as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, and the improvements were quickly apparent on the court after our several weeks of hard training together. By stressing a precise focus on the correct footwork and body movements to boost our performances, we did a wide variety of intense exercises. From timed sprints with and without a basketball, ladder and cone workouts, different jumps, push-ups, to abdominal exercises, it was a constant full body workout; the type when one leaves the gym they have a great sense of accomplishment for that day. The warm-ups, core-training period, and cool-downs were always centered on how to become more explosive on the court, while having self-control in doing so. Each exercise was fully explained when and where it would become helpful, in addition to the specific muscles that were being used. Personally, my statistics on the court improved drastically and I could see the hard work paying off. The team, as a whole, improved exceptionally as well, considering we were committed to push each other to work harder together. All of the energetic, strenuous exercises Coach Smith offered, I still put to great use in my own daily workout routines and will continue to push myself to become a stronger, faster, and better athlete.”  Brittney Zimmerman

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