All Fitness “Kicks Of the NFL Season” with two of their athletes squaring off!

All Fitness “Kicks Of the NFL Season” with two of their athletes squaring off!

ALL FITNESS kicks off the NFL 2010-2011 Season opener with two of its own athletes squaring off against each other. For the Super bowl Champion New Saints Jahri Evans #73 and the Runners up of the NFC championship game, the Minnesota Vikings Albert Young #34.  These guys where both kind enough to squeeze a few moments out of the prep time on game day to answer a few question for me ( Julius King, Owner/performance Coach of All fitness Customized Training).

Julius(Q): Jahri  we got off to a later start than usual this year due to the incredible season you guys had last year (Mr. All-Pro/Super bowl Champion).  Although we worked extremely hard with time available, do you feel as good heading into week 1 this season compared to pass off-seasons when we had at least 8-10 solid weeks of training?

Jahri (A): You know even though we did get off to a late start into my off season work out my body needed the rest. I feel real good going into the season; I used my time wisely this off season in my training to get my body where it needs to be able to endure the pounding through out the season.

Julius (Q): Albert We got off to a late start due to a late introduction between the two of us from a mutual friend, but I feel some quality work was done during the time we spent together this summer.  How do you feel the training you received this summer will help you make a larger impact this season?

Albert (A): I would say the best part about the training was that I was able to perform movements that were related to football and not doing the traditional lifting/running routines.

Julius (Q): So Jah, six great years of working together and I have learned plenty from you, and it’s a no brainer for me to continue offering my services to you.  On the other hand, what are some of the reasons you continue to come home during the summers to train? Also what aspect of your game is mostly a reflection of our training?

Jahri (A): Training can get repetitive sometimes especially for athletes b/c we do it all the time, but I like the way Julius pulls things (drills and diff training methods) from other sports and incorporate them into my training  where they may help perform better when I’m out there on the field. There has never been a summer where I just work on something I did last year. Each year there’s always something new that we wound up doing. With all that said I think the most important part is effort and communication.

Julius (Q): What was one of your favorite workouts this summer? How do you think it will help you with your special team play this season, being you’re a very key component?

Albert (A): Training sessions were always different so that the body was always guessing! A workout that sticks out in my mind is the med ball workout; it took endurance and power for an extended amount of time, complete full body workout!

Julius (Q):  Now being though I work with both of you and your squaring off in the opening game of the 2010-2011 season on Thursday Night.  Is there any extra incentive to beat the other person for All Fitness bragging rights?  Any wagers for session to be covered? Maybe some extra compensation to me for doing just a slightly better job with the winner? Sounds good to me what do you guys think? LOL

Jahri (A):  Lol no compensation or wages on the line for Julius Sorry. I mean hey no body steps on the field to lose we play the games to win. Even though A. Y. and I are on diff sidelines I wish him the best but at the end of the day when next summer comes around bragging rights would feel good.

Albert (A): Of course there is added motivation to win this game being that I consider Jah a friend of mine and I will see him quite a bit during the off season, there wasn’t a time when I saw him that I didn’t think about how they beat us in the NFC championship game so to return the favor would be nice!

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