Mike Lubanski- Wake Forest Catcher trains with All Fitness & Maple Zone.

Mike Lubanski – Wake Forest Catcher

When All Fitness & Maple Zone received the call that they would be training Mike Lubanski, catcher of the Wake Forest Demon Decon’s during the summer of 2010, the Maple Zone & All Fitness teams were both excited and honored.  Anytime you get to work with an athlete of this caliber it really brings out the best in both the participant as well as the coach.

Mike came into the off-season looking to make some changes.  He really wanted to get faster, quicker, and more explosive in the field as well as add more power and efficiency to his offensive game.  Mike knew it was going to be hard work during the nine weeks of the summer training session and he was more than willing to make the commitment in order to achieve his desired results.

The hard work definitely paid off.  The results he achieved were more than anyone could have expected.  He wanted explosive power; how’s adding 9 inches to his standing long jump.  He wanted rotational power to help his bat speed and hitting ability; how’s adding 9 feet to the rotational power ball throw.  He wanted to be quicker out of the box and stealing bases; how’s taking off .29 seconds off his 10 yard sprint and .47 seconds off his 30 yard sprint.  Mike also added some hard earned strength by adding more than 80lbs to his 3 rep max on the squat.  There is no doubt the Demon Decon fans will be thankful for all of the hard work Mike Lubanksi put in this summer.

The Interview: Mike was kind enough to grant us a quick interview to share his experience while training with All Fitness this summer.

AF Question:  What improvements have you seen while training with All Fitness this summer?

Answer: “I’ve seen a large improvement in my speed, strength & power, agility, explosiveness and overall athletic ability.  I’ve also seen a change in my body composition.”

AF Question:  What have you learned during you time with All Fitness that you will take with you?

Answer:  “I’ve learned a new way to set up in my base stealing stance that allows me a greater jump.  I’ve also learned how to make my training routine sport specific and even position specific.  My education has improved dramatically with regards to confidence in the weight room and my nutritional needs.”

AF Question:  What future goals do you have that All Fitness can help you with?

Answer: “I hope that the training I received here this summer will help me steal more bases this year, improve my hitting ability and arm strength.”

AF Question:  What is you favorite part of the All Fitness program?

Answer: “I really loved the agility and explosive power training program.  I also enjoyed the boxes, cones and resisted bungee cords for these drills.”

AF Question:  What are you final thoughts on the All Fitness program and how it can help athletes achieve their goals?

Answer: “Obviously I’ve seen the results in my own strength, power & quickness and would definitely recommend it to other athletes.  The coaching and education you receive is so important in order to train correctly.”

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