7 Facts EVERY PARENT and ATHLETE should know about sports performance!

7 Facts EVERY PARENT and ATHLETE should know about sports performance!

7 Facts EVERY PARENT and ATHLETE should know about sports performance!

  • SPEED CAN BE TAUGHT! Speed is a skill that can be taught, but you need someone who knows, understands and is experienced in how to teach it.  Any coach can make you tired.  Not every coach can make you faster and truly improve your athletic ability!
  • IT’S TIME TO START! The best age to begin developing speed as a skill is between 8 and 14 years old.  This is the stage when the nervous system is becoming more fully developed.
  • SPEED IS NOT GENETIC! Just because parents maybe weren’t the most successful athletes and maybe were not the fastest individuals growing up doesn’t mean your children will be slow or not athletically gifted.
  • STEP IT UP! “Just Playing” the sport is no longer going to take an athlete’s performance to the highest level.  Just by playing football is not going to make you into a great football player.  Athletes of all ages must continue to develop the physical qualities to augment specific skills.
  • ALL YEAR LONG! Sports performance training is a year round, life long pursuit.  In order to excel at something it takes hours of specific skill development and practice in order to master a skill.  Ultimate potential is achieved after these skills are developed into habits.
  • STAY IN THE GAME! Injuries can be minimized through proper training.  Increased strength, stability, balances and coordination allows the athlete to better stabilize the body and reduce injuries.  This will allow your child to do what they love to do and stay on the field of their choice the entire season.
  • GET RESULTS! Sports Performance training is best done in small groups of 4 to 6 athletes.  Individual training is often boring and the athlete is not challenged by their peers.   The larger the group also decreases the ability of the coach to give them the one on one feedback that they need.

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