“Everyone should do this!”

“As we come upon our one year anniversary of utilizing the training of Jeff Dube and ALL FITNESS, we are ever grateful for the services provided by this outstanding fitness training company.

Our sixteen year old son, Justin,  has been enjoying weekly training with Jeff Dube during the past year. Justin has continued to make outstanding progress throughout his training sessions with Jeff. Initially,  we were seeking the expertise of a sport specific trainer to get Justin ready for his first season of high school football (as a sophmore).    We found this, and more!

He was so well prepared for the season, he is starting Varsity! While we realize not everyone will get the same results, we feel that the training received by ALL FITNESS played an instrumental part in Justin’s success on the field, not to mention the benefits Justin has received from his increased self esteem.

ALL FITNESS prepares the athlete mentally as well as physically.  Jeff has proved to be a mentor, not just for our son, but for many of his teammates, as well.

Jeff brings to the table his own personal experience as an athlete, as well as, his extensive education background in the field of sports training.  He is sensitive to the needs of the athlete during the off-season, pre-season, and in-season. He adjusts his workout routines accordingly.

We can speak individually for ourselves, and also on behalf of the football team. This past summer (before and during  pre-season) Jeff provided an optional supplemental program to the football team.  Many of the players opted for the training and enjoyed vast improvement in their skills.

We have and continue to recommend Jeff Dube and ALL FITNESS to train both athletes, as well as the parents and families of the athletes.  We have extended the training to include, me, Justin’s mom and are quite pleased with the results.

According to Justin, “everyone should do this.” Justin has expressed his feeling of success in terms of weight gain, strength gain, speed increase and overall skill level. Thank you ALL FITNESS.”

Donna and Larry Starkman

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